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HOTLINK was created by xXBERTOXx
put in remotes
enables you to double click " /Msg Zombie-GreyMatter xdcc send #239 " and receive the file

on ^*:HOTLINK:*/msg*:*:tokenize 32 $hotline
on *:HOTLINK:*/msg:*:{
  tokenize 32 $hotline
  var %a $strip($1-)
  if (*/msg*Zombie-*xdcc*send* iswm %a) {
    if ($gettok(%a,26,32)) { $gettok(%a,20-24,32) | echo -ate Requested: $gettok(%a,24,32) from $gettok(%a,21,32) }
    elseif ($gettok(%a,22,32)) { $gettok(%a,16-20,32) | echo -ate Requested: $gettok(%a,20,32) from $gettok(%a,17,32) }
    else { $gettok(%a,15-19,32) | echo -ate Requested: $gettok(%a,19,32) from $gettok(%a,16,32) }
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