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ZombieHunt Toolbar
For windows clients such as mIRC or AdiIRC...

Toolbar made for ZombieHunt on Abandoned-IRC -

There are 2 files to put into your windows clients script directory..

1st file - grab the code from here --> http://www.mpaste.com/p/6wpxLl or 
.txt   ZombieHunt Toolbar.txt (Size: 5.09 KB / Downloads: 3)  
place code into your clients remotes and save it.. (can be named anything youd like, but save as a .mrc file)

2nd file - http://www.mpaste.com/p/zIv8o or 
.txt   ZombieShop.txt (Size: 2.37 KB / Downloads: 1)
save the text (name it ZombieShop.txt) and place it into your clients script directory 

thats it! Njoy
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